Jellyfish Lampshade

This beauty took maybe 6 months' worth of Saturday mornings to finish. It's made of brass wire, rose quartz, freshwater pearls, organza, tulle with fake pearls, and thread.

The hardest bit to finish was the part that attaches to the lampstand. It's hidden underneath the lightbulb, so it's not visible in the pictures, but it was a hassle to get the sizing and fit right and I'm super proud that I managed it.

These photos were taken by my teacher, Minnie Black, who runs The Goldsmiths' School over in Bardon. A lot of this project wouldn't have been possible without her guidance.

Full side view of the jellyfish lampshade, lit from inside. Strips of white organza and pink tulle create both the body and tentacles of the jellyfish, and are complemented by brass wire accents with rose quartz and pearls.

Angled view of the top of the jellyfish lampshade, showing the organza and pearl details on top.

Top-down view of the jellyfish lampshade, showing the gold organza and brass wiring inside, alongside the lightbulb.